Joe Shishido


Jo Shishido (aka Ace No Jo) is a Japanese actor known for this appearances in Yakuza (Japanese gangster) films. Shishido exemplifies an uncommon level of individuality and originality in his actions that made him stand out as a star in Japanese films. When he first signed onto Nikkatsu, he was type cast as the pretty boy with handsome and soft features. However, for him, these roles were too bland for him and there were a thousand other actors who could take his place. To make himself stand out and have more rugged look, he got cheek implants. Surprisingly bold, but a good decision because after this he landed more roles playing. At the height of the action film era in Japan, Shishido really set himself apart from other actors because of his need to have originality and authenticity in his films. He meticulously practiced his draw (gun from holster) till he can do it about .65 seconds, which is the third fastest time in the world. Jo has been in over 300 movies, but he left his contract with Nikkatsu when the demand for action films declined and Nikkatsu shifted in to “Roman Porn.” Following that he established himself on television, hosting on of the longest running shows, Kuishimbo Banzai. Additionally he has written a few cookbooks and recorded a few albums.






Further Exploration and Discovery Needed:

  • Individualism in Japan and impact on Jo Shishido’s career
  • Perception of body image



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