Video Essay

This weeks assignment was to analyze the role of women portrayed in the 5 films: Behind Office Doors, Nothing Sacred, His Girl Friday, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers and Life With Father. I argued that the events of the era, such as the Great Depression and World War II had a strong impact on the role of women in society and on movies. Additionally, the women are portrayed differently based on the society roles they are portraying. For example, Hildy Johnson is the ex-wife and she is portrayed as independent and strong, where as Vinne Day, the wife is portrayed as self-sacrificing and motherly. Finally, there were a few things that remained constant through out the movie. One was the objectification of women, even if it wasn’t the main character, there was some woman in each of the films who were being used by others. And the other was that all the women had a strong dependence on at least one male character in the films. 


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