Short Film

Before I start, I would first like to apologize for my bad camera shots i am not the best at photography or film. 

My short film is based on my friends at Hunt Library.  This thought occurred to me as I was sitting in hunt for a few hours doing work and most of the people that were there wen I began were still there. Of course being CMU students and the the work-a-holics that we are, more often than not they were doing work, but definitely not for the whole time. So what I wanted to do was capture them (mostly with out their knowledge) trying to not do work and how they spent their time goofing off. I got a few interesting ones of a few of my friends (who were in acapella groups…thank goodness!!) breaking out into song. Then I left for few hours to take a brake, get dinner and what not and returned to Hunt Library around midnight. Thats when everything became a lot stranger, the conversations made almost no sense and sometime they distracted themselves by just staring off into space. Now I understand that this video is not as funny to others as it is to me since I know the group of people in the video fairly well. But, this group of people is good sample of the population. I have at least one person from each school represented and based on what I saw around, my friends were actually the more normal group of people. My one regret is that I wish I had done this on a Wednesday or Thursday night because there would have been more people scrambling to get work done, as opposed to a Monday night, and I would have been able to get a much funnier footage. One thing I would have liked to have done, but still can’t figure out how to do is to have soft background music while the characters are still talking, so you can hear them but there is still a melody in the back to add some effect. 

The music that I used in my short film were:

  • Meals on Wheels by Quiet Hooves 
  • Readers Do You Read by Chris Zabriskie
  • Twinkle Toes by Podington Bear 
  • Noahs Stark by Krackatoa 
  • Old Dreams with Sally Kwok by Gary Lucas 

I used these songs because I thought of the ones I could find on, I thought they fit the best. I just wish I had more time and more music to go through and find the best ones that fit the feel/message of what I am trying to get across. 



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